Treatment Services


Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, I will work one-on-one with you in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to develop and put into action a strong recovery program - a program that is tailored to your needs and resources and that will address your particular issues.

I also can provide information about community support groups, including optional 12-Step or Smart Recovery programs and other mental health resources and professionals who may be supportive to you and your loved ones.

I also can arrange admission to an inpatient treatment program, if that level of treatment is needed either now or later on in your recovery.

I also may recommend specially designed print materials, workbooks and readings to supplement the work done in individual sessions. These materials can be especially helpful to those in early recovery.


Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a profound and powerful experience. The first time you realize you are not alone – that others have experienced what you have experienced – you will have a great sense of relief, connection and hope.

Groups develop and maintain a “group consciousness” of sexual sobriety, accountability and personal integrity. Group members discuss their recovery, relationship and family concerns using the facilitator and group members as a sounding board while gaining inner strength, hope and the motivation to do better.

I conduct individual and group therapy at my offices in Rockville and Ellicott City, Maryland. If indicated, group therapy may be combined with individual therapy to create a powerful treatment experience.


Support for Spouses and Partners

Perhaps the lowest point in a marriage comes when one spouse discovers that his/her partner has been engaging in a secret life that has included compulsive and/or high-risk sexual behavior.

While some marriages or relationships do not survive this revelation, many do.

If your spouse’s sexual behavior or infidelities are threatening your marriage and your family, or if you suspect that your spouse is living a ”secret life”, professional support can help you cope with the emotions you are experiencing and work through some of the life-changing decisions you will be facing over the coming months.


Aftercare Services to Prevent Relapse

If you have recently completed a residential treatment program for sexual addiction, your recovery has just begun. Sustained and successful recovery will require your continuing involvement in individual and/or group therapy.

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