Gain Control Over Sexual Behaviors

That Are Hurting You, Your Career, and Your Family

A Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Serving the Rockville and Ellicott City Areas Can Help…

If you’re like most of my counseling clients, you’ve probably struggled with your out-of-control sexual behaviors for a long time.

But, now you’re likely in crisis - your sexual compulsion is ruining your life.

So, you’ve decided to seek out a counselor.

Here’s some of the destructive sexual behaviors that my clients come to see me for:

  • Spending hours secretly masturbating to pornography sites
  • Engaging in Internet sex that you can’t seem to stop
  • Hiding your “other” secret sexual life from your spouse or partner
  • Lying to your spouse or partner so you can engage in your sexual activities
  • Engaging in one or more affairs
  • Having risky sex with “escorts” or other people you find online
  • Feeling consumed by the need to have sex or watch porn

You’re desperate.

Perhaps you’ve been watching pornography or having Internet sex at work, and you’ve been caught…

Your partner may be threatening to leave…or maybe she or he already has.

You feel broken, helpless and hopeless.

You’re ashamed.

AND YET, sometimes you wonder if your problem is really all that serious. It’s hard to face up to it.

Paul Kelner, LCSW-C, CSAT, CAMS

Even if You Feel Hopeless Right Now, it is Always Possible to Turn Your Life Around

I know you’re probably skeptical that you can change. You may not even be sure you can or if you want to.

You’ve tried to stop your unhealthy sexual behaviors - MANY times.

Maybe you’ve been to other therapists or other programs.

NOTHING has worked.

You wonder, how can counseling with me help you gain control over your out-of-control sexual behaviors when nothing else has?

I get your concerns. Most of my clients feel the same way when they come to see me.


BUT, counseling with me IS different.

First, I’m a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist with specialized training and experience treating men and women who have sexual compulsions or addictions that are out of their control.

I’m also trained in other areas of therapy - including anger management and trauma.

How Treatment Works

My job is not to judge you.

My work with you begins with helping you get clear on what your goals for therapy are. We’ll then work together to help you achieve them.

Your treatment may involve individual therapy with me, and, if appropriate, I may suggest you attend my group with men who are also struggling with their sexual behavior. If you have a partner, we may bring her or him in for a session or two if we determine it would be helpful to you or your relationship.

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When You’re Free from the Burden of Your Secret Life

  • You can have healthy sexual behaviors that make you feel good
  • You’ll have more fulfilling intimate relationships
  • You’ll feel better about yourself
  • You’ll feel less isolated and more connected to others
  • You may save your job or your marriage

You can overcome your sexual problems.
You don’t have to live in shame any longer.
You can feel good about yourself and your life.

If you don’t get the help you need now, then when will you?

You have nothing to lose and potentially A LOT to gain.

The sooner you contact me the sooner we can get started.
My counseling offices are located in Rockville and Ellicott City, Maryland.